Guitar Repairs

Basic setup (Nut, saddle, truss rod):
Please note: Setting up has to be done with fresh strings. I don’t carry a great selection of strings, so if you use a particular brand, please send a set with the instrument, or be prepared to wait a couple of days while I order them in.

Fret dressing …..From £30.00

Full refret + setup
Unbound fingerboard….£ 95.00
Bound fingerboard……£110.00
Laquered fingerboard…P.O.A.

Partial refret (up to 7 frets) ….£60.00 (Unbound fingerboard) £65.00 (bound)

Acoustic pickups and Pre-amps fitted
From ….£30.00

Amplifier & electronic equipment repairs…P.O.A.

All other repair work is charged at £16.00 per hour, plus parts