Bespoke Instruments

Because every instrument I make is unique I can’t produce a fixed price list. The prices below are intended only as a guide, the lower price represents a simple instrument, made from plain timber such as mahogany or ash and with a minimum of inlay and decoration. The higher price represents a top end instrument made from exotic timber and with a reasonable amount of inlay and decoration. Hopefully these guide prices will give you some idea of how I compare with other makers. Generally my prices are lower than most because I live in a rural area and work from home, so my overheads are minimal.

  • Acoustic guitar  –  £1,400 – £4,800
  • Mandolin  –   £950 – £1,600
  • Octave mandolin/bouzouki  –  £1,100 – £2,400
  • 5 course cittern  –  £1,200 – £2,500
  • Tenor guitar  –  £1,100  –  £2,500

Make your own: I charge a flat fee of £1,200 (excluding materials) for making a guitar in my workshop, regardless of how long it takes. I can supply materials, or you can buy your own. If you want to make some other instrument I’m quite happy to negotiate a price, and if you are building an instrument at home and just need a bit of help and advice here and there, or need the use of specialist tools, I’ll be quite happy to help at my usual workshop rate of £16 per hour.